Entrepreneurs: What is branding?

I first want to explain more about branding before I am going to tell you about Marike Designs new brand strategy and identity. Your logo is not your brand or brand identity. It’s just some of the small parts that work together to form a bigger picture.

What is branding?

Brand: It is the stakeholders’ (your customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, media, etc.) perception of your business. It’s the promise that they believe in.

Branding: This is the process used to create, clarify or influence a brand to acquire more loyal customers.

Brand identity: It is what you see, smell, feel and touch of the brand. This includes the logo, colours, typography, sounds, motion, etc.

Brand strategy: It’s a guide for yourself and your employees that provide clarity and context about your brand. The strategy insures that all the different parts in your business are communicating the same brand message or promise to the stakeholders.

Brand brief: This is a simple one-page diagram that explains the most important components of your brand.

Logo: A logo is an image/picture/mark that represents your business.

Do you need some help to develop your brand? I can help you with your brand strategy, brand brief and brand identity. Contact me or look at the My Services page for more details.

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