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Some exciting and important news from Marike Designs’ headquarters


I’m expecting a baby girl early October 2015!

I won’t be taking on any new projects from September 2015. I will finalise and finish all the the projects that I am busy with at the end of August and beginning of September.

I plan to be on maternity leave until the end of December 2015 and I will be back in the new year on 2 January 2016.

Thank you for understanding!

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Baby shower idea: Birds and the bees

When you give your children “The Birds and the Bees” talk, it is normally when you tell your children where babies come from. This is a nice gender-neutral theme if you want to reveal the gender of the baby at the baby shower.

Colours: Yellow, black, grey brown & green

Elements that can be used in invitations:

  • You can use a honeycomb pattern
  • A tree branch with a beehive, bees and birds

Wording ideas for invitations:

  • “What’s the buzz? It’s a baby shower for mommy-to-bee”
  • “Liezl is expecting a little honey”
  • “What will it bee?”
  • “Mommy to bee is nesting”
  • “About to hatch”


Image from Kara’s party ideas

Décor ideas:

Bird cages, bird houses, nests, bird eggs, moss, flowers, beehives, flowers from tissue paper, branches, honeycomb pattern


 Image from Kara’s party ideas

Food ideas:

  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Lemon and honey cupcakes
  • Beehive or bee shaped cake pops
  • Lemonade
  • Cupcakes with flake shavings (nest) and speckled eggs
  • Birds nest cookies: Chow mein noodles, chocolate, peanut butter, mini-eggs
  • Glass honey jars with sweets
  • Honeycomb sweets


Image from Henry Photography

Party favours

  • Honeycomb sweets
  • Small pot of honey

party favours

Image from The Tom Cat Studio

Activity ideas

  • Wishes for ba-BEE: Each guest writes a name on a paper bird and ties it to a branch
  • What will it BEE? Let guests write down what gender they think the baby is on a piece of paper or on a black board. After the final results are revealed the mommy-to-bee can announce the gender.


Image from Little house became a home

Click on the photos or look at my pinterest board for more “birds and the bees” ideas:

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Projek: Prinses Kayla se Super-Prinses partytjie

Vir Kayla se 3de verjaarsdag  wou sy graag ‘n prinses partytjie gehad het.  Om die seuntjies ook in te sluit in die partytjie het mamma gevra  om “Super-helde” ook in te bring in die tema en dit ’n  SUPER-PRINSES partytjie te maak!

Pienk en turkoois was die twee hoof kleure en die maaitjies het krone en “super-held” mantels gekry. Vir die ontwerpe het Marike Designs ’n  strokiesprent gevoel  gegee om by die super-helde tema te pas.

Marike Designs het die uitnodigings, steri-stumpi etikette, emmertjie etikette en  plakaat ontwerp.

Dankie, Mamma Deone, vir die pragtige foto’s.




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Projek: Deàn en Tanya se troue


Hierdie pragtige foto is geneem van my, my man, broer, pa en skoonsussie op 15 Maart 2014 by my broer se troue in Mosselbaai. Die seremonie was in St Blaize Ligtoring en die onthaal het gevolg by Diaz Strand Hotel. Altwee pekke het ‘n pragtige uitsig op die see en die weer was wonderlik! Hul troukleure was spierwit & laventel. Gaan kyk gerus na die uitnodigings wat ek vir hul ontwerp het hierso.


Foto’s deur Ursula Kors van Harvest Moon Photography en Marike Designs.

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Project: Your Scrapping Shop’s logo


YourScrappingShop supplies scrapbooking products and classes for creative ladies.

YourScrappingShop consists of two parts. The one part is the shop and is located at the relaxed and friendly home of the owner. Here the clients can buy scrapbooking supplies or come for a fun and informative scrapbooking class. The other part is an online shop where you can shop stress-free from your own home. You can then even “shop in your pyjamas” if that makes you feel more relaxed.

We first created a moodboard for the project and after the moodboard we created the logo.


Go visit

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Entrepreneurs: What is branding?

I first want to explain more about branding before I am going to tell you about Marike Designs new brand strategy and identity. Your logo is not your brand or brand identity. It’s just some of the small parts that work together to form a bigger picture.

What is branding?

Brand: It is the stakeholders’ (your customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, media, etc.) perception of your business. It’s the promise that they believe in.

Branding: This is the process used to create, clarify or influence a brand to acquire more loyal customers.

Brand identity: It is what you see, smell, feel and touch of the brand. This includes the logo, colours, typography, sounds, motion, etc.

Brand strategy: It’s a guide for yourself and your employees that provide clarity and context about your brand. The strategy insures that all the different parts in your business are communicating the same brand message or promise to the stakeholders.

Brand brief: This is a simple one-page diagram that explains the most important components of your brand.

Logo: A logo is an image/picture/mark that represents your business.

Do you need some help to develop your brand? I can help you with your brand strategy, brand brief and brand identity. Contact me or look at the My Services page for more details.

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Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my new blog

At the end of April we will be moving from Durban to Johannesburg. This will be a new beginning for our family and my business. So, I sat down, read some inspiring books and thought about the past and future of Marike Designs. I decided to create a new brand identity and brand strategy for my business with a bit more focus. I will discuss my rebranding and the whole process in a new post. But the first important thing to me was to update my website/blog to make it fit my new branding. My goal for my blog is to showcase the projects I have worked on and to help creative entrepreneurs understand branding, graphic design and the processes related to it. Thank you to Joanne Reidy for doing my blog make-over. It was fun working with you! I also want to thank Bron from Vanilla Photography for taking the cute photo of me and my dog “Spikkels”.

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