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Social media are networks and communities on the internet, where people can communicate with each other, share information and take part in discussions (or chats). You can connect or follow me via the following networks and applications

Facebook: This is a free social networking website where you create your own profile to keep in touch with friends, family or even strangers (if you want to). Here you can upload photos and videos or chat with your friends.
Follow my Facebook page

Pinterest: This is a website where you can collect and share your favourite images. You can create different pinboards with different categories.
Follow me on Pinterest

Bloglovin: Bloglovin helps you to follow your favourite blogs. Each day you receive an email with all the newest updates of your favourite blogs. Then it’s quick and easy to see what blog posts you want to read for the day.
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

RSS feed: RSS feed allows you to see the summary of an article, blog posts, etc. on your feed reader. This helps you to decide if you want to visit that site to read the specific post.
Receive RSS feeds from my blog

LinkedIn: This is a social networking site for professionals in the business community.
Connect with me on LinkedIn

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